Warpknitted Products

        Warp knitted products are widely used in various fields and it is divided into three categories that are apparel and shoe fabric, household fabric, industrial use fabric in accordance with usages. The most common application in apparel and shoes such as sportswear lining, tracksuits, leisurewear, safety reflective vests, and inner wears, etc, the household fabric also has good performance no matter on decoration or furnishing such as curtain lace, blanket, kitchen towel, sofa fabric, laundry bags, mosquito nets & aquarium fish nets. Warp knitted fabrics is also playing a significant role in industrial uses, including producing reinforced concrete composite materials used in the construction, house,bridge, pipe, construction repair, and other fields were described, the car cushion, headrest lining, sunshades and lining for motorbike helmets, PVC/PU backing, wind power, tapes, medical bandages, artificial blood vessels, etc.

        Research is also continuously conducted into the use of warp knitted fabrics for industrial applications (for example, to reinforce concrete), and for the production of bio-textiles

        Suzhou Cotex focus on knitted products all from warp knitting machine, we have developed a variety of warp knit seamless sportswear, towels, and artificial fur from the double needle bar, special function tape from weft insertion machine.

        The rapid development of sports put forward higher requirements for the development of sportswear and fabrics. The unique advantages of warp knitting fabrics such as low disengagement, good stability, good breathability, moderate extensibility, good heat retention and so on are enough for sportswear, so the development of warp-knitted outdoor/indoor sports fabrics will give more choices, and at the same time can improve the performance of sportswear, the most obvious advantage is a warp knit avoid an uncomfortable seam.

        The kitchen towel made of microfiber from the double-needle bar, which most feature is high water-absorption, traditional towel just could absorb 50% or less water, but our towel could absorb water 80% or more in an instant.

Take textile fiber cloth as the backing and coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive.

Feature: High toughness, high wear resistance, and easily torn by hands, very convenient to use.


Widely used for heavy packaging, heavy strapping, sealing, sealing seams, maintenance, logos, surface protection, pipe wrapping, carpet joints, book reinforcement purposes, suitable for shipbuilding, construction, electrical, refrigerator, mold, and other industries.


If you have any questions about SureStar and SureStar products, please contact us.If you have any questions about SureStar and SureStar products, please contact us.