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Scutching Machine

Scutching machine is used in automatically opening the dropping the fabric, high running speed and lifting , suitable in the dyeing factory.


Adjustable easy to clean excellent performance Scutching Machine is suitable for: cotton, lint, super soft fabric, woolen cloth, knitted and woven cloth, open width for spatial dehydration. Our Scutching Machine is with electrostatic painting cabinet structure, makes it great balance, and easy to clean, maintenance, repair, and multi frequency control,stable operation,excellent performance. Scutching Machine equipped with three emergency stop,convenient handling things. Each unit of the Scutching Machine can be independent transmission, according to the kind of cloth to adjust the tension, can avoid the stretch of the stretch when the cloth is pulled and destroyed, affecting the quality.

The use of a unique new type of twist head in our scutching machine makes a high resolution and high speed in the operation of automatic twist, which can reach a high end effect. The new digital device on 3 stainless steel expanding roller, flat cloth selvage, different thickness fabrics and different kind of cloth can adjust the scutching machine tension and opening freely. The main drive in our Scutching Machine adopts induction motor and variable frequency drive.

Overall dimensions

3300*2300*6350 mm 


Three-phase four-wire , 380V/50Hz



Working width

2500mm - 2700mm 

working speed 

0-100 m/min 

Scutching Machine


If you have any questions about SureStar and SureStar products, please contact us.If you have any questions about SureStar and SureStar products, please contact us.