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Warp Knitting Machine Conversion

Leading warp knitting machinery manufacturer Suzhou cotex developed a new style magic curtain fabrics at Turkey via conversion of existing RJPC4F warp knitting machine, rising interests of many Turkish customers. 

In Turkey, the growth in sales of raschel machines has been stable over the last decade, RJPC 4F jacquard raschel machine with fall plate is used to produce warp-knitted fabrics for the net curtain sector, we all know that Turkish warp knitting companies in the net curtain sector are continuing to record good sales, efficient raschel machines are experiencing a real boom, curtain producers are all looking for something new and have plenty of ideas, so developing new fabric is come to the top agenda for both machine manufacturer and knitting factory.

PJPC4F warp knitting machines after conversion can produce patterned magic curtains – a potential that is being exploited more and more.

Roughly 500 jacquard curtain machines are currently operating on the Turkish market, this machine with fall plate is ideal for producing chunky fabrics with a hand-made look, as well as delicate, filigree, lightweight curtains, to make all of them could work to full capacity, the only way is to replace old parts and convert electronic components of state-of -the-art. 

In general, the production efficiency can be improved significantly by 20% after converting to EBC(electronic control of yarn feed) and EL(electronic shogging), and piezo-controlled could be added if necessary, more patterns available and the cloth surface is cleaner due to less let-off stop, furthermore, the digital management can be achieved through contacting the machine with external WIFI port. 

The piezo grounds create a beautiful interplay with the transparent effects, multi pattern ground construction, both light and stable grounds can be produced, another speciality of the net curtain jacquard raschel machines is the various tulle grounds they can work. A slight crushed finish combined with a delicate shade also gives the fabric a slightly antique.

The innovative magic curtain jacquard raschel machine with all its equipment can produce a wide variety of net curtains with various, eye-catching fabric grounds.

With three-dimensional relief effects, Cotex can support you for your existing curtain warp knitting machine conversion.


If you have any questions about SureStar and SureStar products, please contact us.If you have any questions about SureStar and SureStar products, please contact us.