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Warp Knitted Full-form Production Seamless Technology

Warp knitted full-form sportswear refers to the yarn directly woven on the double needle bed jacquard warp knitting machine, after designing the machine file through the process software, which is suitable for people to wear in daily or professional sports. A general term for clothing products.

There are no more than 300 modern warp knitted full-form production equipment in the world, of which about 70% of the machines are distributed in China, and the production of warp knitted socks and warp knitted jacquard garments is still the main order.

Since Japanese designer Issey Miyake first launched warp knitted full-formed garments in A-POC, the "A Piece Of Cloth" project in 1999, to this day, there are different types of sports brands abroad every year, carrying out a small amount of warp knitting. Development and sales promotion of fully formed sportswear items.

There are various classification methods for warp-knitted full-formed sportswear products:


For example, it can be divided into three categories: home indoor sportswear, daily casual sportswear and professional sportswear according to the use and use scenarios; according to the level of clothing worn on the human body, it can be divided into three categories: warp knitted full-form sports underwear, sports clothes and sports outerwear. ; According to the fit and elasticity of the clothing, it can be divided into three categories: loose and low-elastic sportswear, fit-in-the-bounce sportswear and tight-fitting high-elastic sportswear.

In recent years, the warp knitted full-formed sportswear category is mainly based on high-elasticity and low-elasticity sports vests, sports pants and sports suits developed, produced and sold by foreign brands, as well as medium and low-elasticity leisure sports T-shirts. Underwear and mid-wear products for indoor home sports or daily casual sports.


Due to the special process structure and the use of special equipment for the development of warp-knitted full-formed clothing products, clothing brand companies only carry out style design and do not have the ability to sample equipment. Therefore, the current development mode is based on the joint completion of the brand clothing company and the special warp knitting full-forming equipment weaving company.

The warp knitting full-forming technology greatly improves the comfort of knitted garments and reduces unnecessary production processes. It is an inevitable trend in the development of the knitting industry, and has great development space and market prospects. At present, the domestic warp knitting full-formed clothing has just started, and we look forward to the better development of domestic warp knitting and full-forming!


If you have any questions about SureStar and SureStar products, please contact us.If you have any questions about SureStar and SureStar products, please contact us.