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Tumbling Machine For Sherpa Fabric

According to the preliminary calculation, China's GDP in the first quarter was 24931 billion yuan, an increase of 18.3% on a year-on-year basis at comparable prices, 0.6% on a quarter on quarter basis in 2020, and 10.3% on a quarter on quarter basis in 2019, with an average growth of 5.0% in two years, according to the China Bureau of statistics.

China's economy is improving in an all-round way, and our machinery exports are increasing. Last quarter, our machines were exported to Egypt, India and Turkey, which is this kind of tumbling machine, our customers are mainly produce sherpa fabrics,cashmere, polar fleece, they have more than 80 sets of double needle bar raschel machine in factory, a complete finishing production line, including raising, shearing, polishing, stenter, dyeing and printing finishing machines, et. Now they installed our tumbling machine, with the using tumbling machine, they can greatly improve the touch feel of velvet fabrics, and make the granular effect of fabric surface. This machine is professional in make grain in fabric surface, to make a sherpa effect, so that the velvet fabric obtains a unique fabric style and market competitiveness, clothing factory buyers like a lot this style of velvet fabric, in the autumn and winter fabric procurement season, this fabric is always the most popular, because it s unique velvet style is not easy to imitate.

Our tumbling machine production efficiency is high, at present, our customers' factory all production lines are running normally, and with the workers 12 hours 2 shift working, our tumbling machine can fully meet the factory every day 20 to 40 tons of velvet fabric processing needs. High production efficiency, good processing effect, intelligent operation and forming a unique fabric style, with all these advantages, therefore, customers are very satisfied with this tumbling machine.

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