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Sueding Machine Is Stepping Up Production For Customers

In the second half of the year, with the arrival of autumn and winter, clothing factories have entered a prosperous period of purchasing autumn and winter fabrics. In the field of underwear fabrics and home textile fabrics, customers have always paid attention to the feel and warmth of the fabrics, as well as the comfort of the fabrics attached to the skin. Therefore, many fabric processing factories in China have begun to provide customers with more choices of fabrics with better hand feeling. Among them, the sueding effect fabric is popular because of its warm feel, excellent thermal performance and comfortable touch on the skin,it is much loved by People. Sueding fabric needs to be processed by a sueding machine. The traditional sueding machine is mainly sand sanding machine. Sandpaper should be replaced all the time in the process of sueding, so the sueding effect is not very good, it is also the reason why sueding effect fabric has not been popular in the market for a long time. N ow, we have improved the sanding machine and used carbon / ceramic brushes to achieve better results. Jiafa carbon / ceramic sueding machine, accounting for 40% in China market.The original central dust suction system can effectively and powerfully absorb the fabric scurf generated by the working of the sueding machine, at the same time, it can cool the interior of the brush, keep the normal working temperature of the brush, and the machine can continue to work, and reduce the staining or discoloration caused by the heat of the brush in the processing process. Therefore, our sueding machine has been recognized by the many fabric finishing factory customers.

Today, our carbon sueding machine has a good reputation in China, we are stepping up production, each machine to complete the factory standards, to the customer factory to put into production. Up to now, we have fully recovered the production work after the epidemic . This year, we have installed more than 20 sets of carbon sueding machines in the factory, all of which have been installed and debugged. Thanks for the customer's support and trust. Our carbon / ceramic sueding machine are mainly used for processing cotton fabrics, polyester fabrics, polyester/cotton blended fabrics, knitted and woven fabrics. We also provide customers with five generations of updated sueding machines to choose from, from 6 roller machine to 12 roller machine, from horizontal model to vertical model, and provide different model matching for different fabrics to achieve the best production effect. As the exclusive overseas agent of Jiafa carbon / ceramic sueding machine, we are also committed to providing the most comprehensive technical support and after-sales service for overseas customers. If you need carbon / ceramic sueding machine or carbon / ceramic brush, please feel free to contact us.



If you have any questions about SureStar and SureStar products, please contact us.If you have any questions about SureStar and SureStar products, please contact us.