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Sueding Machine Is On Sale Now

At the beginning of 2021, China's strong economic recovery has driven China's industrial manufacturing to be increasingly busy. Our domestic orders have also increased a lot. Customers are waiting in line for our carbon sueding machines to be delivered. Due to our strict equipment manufacturing process and advanced technology, our brand has a good reputation in China. High quality products and good reputation will be passed on to each other between dyeing factories and finishing factories. If other customers need sueding machine equipment, they will also recommend our products, so that we receive more and more customers and the product market will be improved.

We always focus on underwear fabric and home textile fabrics, we pay attention to the fabric touch feeling and its excellent performance in keeping warmth, as well as the comfortable touch feeling when the fabrics attached to human skin. If the dyeing and finishing factories in China could provide customers with more choices of fabrics with better hand feeling and value, their fabric must be popular again in the market,so our carbon brush sueding machine are designed to solve this problem. With the sueding effect on the fabric, there is fine fluff on the fabric surface, it brings the excellent thermal keeping performance and comfortable touch feeling on the surface,which is very loved by People. 

This kind of popular fabric needs to be processed by a carbon brush sueding machine. Thought there is traditional sandpaper sueding machine, it should be replaced by carbon brush sueding machine, because the sandpaper sueding machine is not good at sueding effect and also produce waste sandpaper in the same time, it is not environmental protection,it is also the reason why sueding effect fabric has not been popular in the market for a long time. Now, we have the new technology by using carbon brush sueding machine to achieve better results. There is no environmental pollution in our carbon brush sueding machine, this new technology has been popular in China, our machines has a more than 40% market share in China. Our patented design-- the original central dust suction system can effectively and powerfully absorb the fabric scurf generated by the working of the sueding machine, at the same time, it can cool the interior of the brush, keep the normal working temperature of the brush, and the machine can continue to work, and reduce the staining or discoloration caused by the heat of the brush in the processing process. Therefore, our sueding machine has been recognized by the many fabric finishing factory customers. 

Today, our carbon sueding machine has a good reputation in China, we expect to have more than 60 sets of carbon brush sueding machine sent from our factories to customers and their factories in all corners of China to participate in their busy fabric production. China's status as a world factory has not changed, It is because of our diligent, innovative and hard-working companies that provide endless production power for China as a world factory, we hope that in this year of world economic recovery, we can have a pleasant cooperation with you. We hope that our carbon brush sueding machine can bring good benefits to your team and your enterprise. Any inquiry, just feel free to contact us.


If you have any questions about SureStar and SureStar products, please contact us.If you have any questions about SureStar and SureStar products, please contact us.