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Russia And Ukraine Go To War!

In the early morning of the 24th, Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered a televised speech and decided to launch a special military operation in the Donbas region. Ukraine declared that the whole territory had entered a state of war and closed its airspace. Russia and Ukraine officially start war.


In this issue, we will introduce two Ukrainian active light weapons using glass fiber materials.

AKS-74 assault rifle

The AKS-74 assault rifle is the AK-74 assault rifle of the former Soviet airborne version. This model was finalized in the mid-1980s. Its biggest feature is that the stock is framed, and it can be folded and reduced in weight. The muzzle has also been improved, and different muzzle modules have been installed. In terms of ammunition, it still fires 5.45mm × 39mm ammunition, using 30 rounds of fiberglass magazines for ammunition, and the grip and handguard positions of later models are also made of fiberglass materials to further reduce the weight. The current AKS-74 assault rifle is the standard weapon for Ukrainian soldiers.

LRT-3 Anti-Material Sniper Rifle


The LRT-3 is a .50 caliber heavy anti-material sniper rifle produced in Canada, which was born in the early 21st century. The LRT-3 sniper rifle adopts a rotating back-pull bolt. The gun body has a deep modular function. It comes with a Picatinny rail, which can easily install tactical components. The muzzle can also be installed with a specific large silencer. The main body and exterior of the gun body are made of fiberglass material, and the barrel is made of stainless steel. The butt, barrel, bracket, scope, etc. can be disassembled, and there will be a specific box when carrying. The gun fires 12.7mm × 99mm NATO large-caliber ammunition, uses 5 rounds of magazines for ammunition, and has an effective range of 1,800 meters. The length is 1359 mm, and the length of the butt folded is 1105 mm. The LRT-3 is also in place in terms of appearance, and it is more beautiful than Barrett of the same level. At present, this sniper rifle has also begun to be equipped with Ukrainian special forces.


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