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Top 10 most popular models in 2020 —— No.9

There has always been a saying in the warp knitting industry, 3 points weaving and 7 points warping, which means that the quality of warping is very important for later weaving. In order to obtain satisfactory warping quality, in addition to yarn requirements, the rest is a direct warping machine. We have accumulated more than 30 years of experience in the warp knitting industry, and have developed corresponding direct warping machines for different raw materials, from filament warping machines, spandex warping machines to the very popular split warping machines, the next step The short fiber warping machine is about to be developed so that everything from natural fiber to chemical fiber can be processed on our direct warping machine. 

Among all series of direct warping machines, split warping machines had the largest sales last year. Due to the continuous expansion of mother yarn by the former chemical fiber factory, the traditional mother yarn splitting and rewarping process has been eliminated one after another. Direct mother yarn warping not only reduces the intermediate links, improves production efficiency, but also greatly improves the warping quality. We have calculated that a split warping machine can process 1 ton of raw materials per day, which is almost three times the efficiency of the original traditional process. Although the entire sales of the past year were severely affected by COVID-19, the sales of our split warping machine, especially overseas, did not fall but increased.


If you have any questions about SureStar and SureStar products, please contact us.If you have any questions about SureStar and SureStar products, please contact us.