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Knotting Machine

Our Yarn knotting machine is designed for warp knitting machine, such as raschel machine, lace machine, especially warp knitting machine equipped with jacquard. This is a very useful machine, it has a small size, it can be applied in the platform on warp knitting machine, such a 50cm narrow passageway platform, it can totally set up one of our machine and one operator handle it by the side. Though this machine is small, it has a very high working efficiency, for example, deal with a 21inch warp beams, it just takes 2miutes to finish the knotting process and takes 10 minutes to finish the whole operation, so it is really easy and safe and convenient to handle this machine. With this small size, it is easily to across any working factory, workshop, or warehouse, and operators can handle it on the raschel machine top platform, lace machine creel platform, this machine is as small as just 600cm length and 70cm high, 30cm width, operators can take it up to anywhere on warp knitting machine. 

Yarn Knotting machine is very popular in the Chinese textile fabric company, many warp knitting machine workers like it because it saves a lot of yarn manually knotting time, every factory equips more than 5 sets of this machine to meet the workers requirements, almost each workshop will equip at less one set. It is really a professional machine for warp knitting factory.  

In 2021, despite the epidemic, our Indian friends take our yarn knotting machines to apply in their company, this is the new action for them to help the workers to improve their working efficiency, we are happy that our knotting machines can offer the good service and help to our friends around the world, since it is well applied in factory, knotting machine will be more and more famous in Asia, in African, to the world. 

Knotting machine is designed by COTEX company and his partner, we will continue to work hard to make COTEX and the knotting machine better.


If you have any questions about SureStar and SureStar products, please contact us.If you have any questions about SureStar and SureStar products, please contact us.