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Fabric Automatically Opening And Washing Machine

COVID-19 has been well controlled in China. As a world production base, China is transforming from the world's foundry factory to the world's largest manufacturing center. Our own R & D capability is growing, from scratch, from copying to independent innovation step by step.

At present, we have several popular machines on sale, such as tubular fabric slitting machine, woven/knit fabric washing machine, fabric opening machine and fabric rolling machine. Today I like to show you our fabric opening and washing machine.

I'm glad that as a textile machine manufacturing company in China, our production has continued under the pandemic. We supply our customers with our textile machines stably. On average, it takes only 20 days for each machine from customer order to machine shipment. We hope our machines have a nice performance in customers factory.

Our fabric automatically opening and washing machine is suitable for knit/woven fabrics. It majors in the functions of fabric opening, washing and fabric squeezing. This machine can be also designed with the functions of what customer needs, such as fabric washing , softening even fabric slitting. The price of the fabric automatically opening and washing machine is determined by different functional configurations, but it can meet the needs of customers to the greatest extent. Our customers in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, etc. they are very satisfied with our machines.This kind of fabric opening and washing machine equips with 5 washing channels and 18 high pressure sprays, the whole machine body with 304 stainless steel, as well as Schneider / Siemens electric parts, such as PLC, inverter and converter, good machine quality with good price, Therefore, our high-quality and low-cost products are deeply loved by our customers, we are busying in machine manufacturing.

We will wholeheartedly provide customers with better machines, shipment service and after-sales service. Now we can install and debug machines through the network, with the help of our engineer team, customer can easily handle our machine by themselves. Any inquiry about fabric opening and washing machine, please feel free to let me know. We also offer you fabric opening machine, fabric slitting machine, fabric slitting/opening/washing machine, all is available and good price.




If you have any questions about SureStar and SureStar products, please contact us.If you have any questions about SureStar and SureStar products, please contact us.