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COTEX✖LOVE-RUN will hold an on-site try-on meeting of seamless running vest

Autumn is the best season and the best season for exercise. Are you ready to exercise?

On November 21st, we will cooperate with our partner "Love-Run" to hold a COTEX seamless running vest on the shore of the beautiful Jinji Lake in Suzhou. We will invite professional marathon athletes to experience the special feeling that seamless running vest brings to you with the majority of runners on the spot. This vest is the latest product developed by COTEX and "LOVE-RUN" after 2 years. It is woven through a seamless warp knitting process and uses special materials for moisture absorption and perspiration. The whole garment is only more than 20 grams, plus a wind tunnel. Its design and tailoring have long become the sports equipment that the majority of runners yearn for.

The rapid development of sports put forward higher requirements for the development of sportswear, fabrics, and seamless apparel. An important factor in the sportswear industry is the optimal combination of functionality and product aesthetics. Seamless Apparel used for sports items needs to fulfill high demands: suitable yarns, physiological wearing properties, special characteristics in construction like compression and stretch features, or electrical conductivity in materials demanding computing characteristics.

The unique advantages of seamless apparel such as low disengagement, good stability, good breathability, moderate extensibility, good heat retention and so on are enough for sportswear, so the development of warp-knitted outdoor/indoor sports fabrics will give more choices, and at the same time can improve the performance of sportswear, the most obvious advantage is seamless apparel avoid uncomfortable seam where the garment comes in contact with the skin - both on upper body and legs.

This November 21st, remember to come to Suzhou Center to experience our seamless running vest!


If you have any questions about SureStar and SureStar products, please contact us.If you have any questions about SureStar and SureStar products, please contact us.