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Big Order From Turkey

After three months negotiation online, we finally got the big order from the largest carpet/mat factory in Turkey.

The exquisite and unsophisticated carpet is one of the most representative and proud folk art works in Turkey, and occupies an important position in the international carpet industry. It is famous for its complicated and luxuriant patterns, showing the elegance and nobility. There are many different kinds of Carpets in Turkey, like Milas carpet, Cappadosia carpet, Ottoman palace carpet, Turcoman carpet, Anatoliya carpet, Bergamar carpet, Kars City carpet, Radek carpet, van Kiriam carpet, Sivas carpet, Erelim carpet and Simafu carpet, etc.

The customer said they could not go abroad because of the outbreak this year, so they had to consult online. They also told us that in the past, carpets/mats/rugs were hand-sewn one by one, which was very inefficient and tiring. After many consultation failures, they learned that we are engaged in rug overlocking machine, which is so satisfied with them and they are looking forward to cooperate with us.

As there are many kinds of carpets/mats/rugs in Turkey, there are different requirements for the hem sewing. At first, our machine could only work in a few types, but with the unremitting efforts of our engineers, we finally developed auto edge overlocking  machine that meets customer's requirements. This overlocking  machine can meet the requirements of different hem, no matter it is threading overlocking or fabric overlocking. The efficiency is greatly improved.


Families like to use carpets to decorate their houses in the Middle East and European countries, this is a great demand. In China, People also like to buy carpets or tapestries when they travel to Turkey, which also shows the demand for this machine from another aspect.


If you have any questions about SureStar and SureStar products, please contact us.If you have any questions about SureStar and SureStar products, please contact us.