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Automatic Four-side Sewing

Under the influence of the country's strong promotion and social comprehensive cost, the intelligent and unmanned upgrade of the manufacturing industry is in full swing, and the home textile industry is actively catering to this trend, and has a high enthusiasm and interest in intelligent manufacturing and process improvement. This is a more obvious change compared to previous years.

Environmental protection efforts are constantly being strengthened, and market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Therefore, the use of highly automated equipment automatic four-side sewing for the production of towels is the same. The automatic microfiber towel machine can reach the high efficiency and high quality of 30,000 towels per day, and the tailoring integration can completely replace labor.

The entire process from the entry of the fabric to the finished product can be completed automatically without manual intervention. All this is due to the charm of "it" automated production. Since the "towel" has been conquered, it must be the conquest of the entire towel series, not just Only a single product.

Cotex focuses on the development of smart sewing field and pioneered the "automatic four-side sewing" technology. Nowadays, the "towel automatic sewing system" has been successfully upgraded from invention and creation to the national industry standard. At the same time, the home textile smart factory successfully landed in Hebei and Changshu, and entered the operation and production stage! cotex hopes to help leading companies in the industry to realize the "machine substitution" production model. The smart factory electronic system also transforms the invisible content in the original production process into fully visualized management. Cotex insists on the production concept of "modularity" and "standardization" in everything, so as to promote the rapid development of the entire industry.

After the team's efforts and years of accumulation, in the field of automatic four-side sewing, a variety of products have filled the gaps at home and abroad, and multiple processes that traditionally require manual operations are completed by automated equipment, which not only saves labor, but also greatly improves production efficiency; based on the leading position in the field of towel manufacturing.


If you have any questions about SureStar and SureStar products, please contact us.If you have any questions about SureStar and SureStar products, please contact us.