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Automatic Carpet Hemming Machine

Automatic Carpet hemming machine can automatically finish the edge sewing of right angles of four sides. When the longitudinal edge covering is finished, it is transferred to the horizontal edge covering through manipulator after automatic cutting.

If there is a position offset of cloth in the process of moving, it can make the cloth edge enter into the edge-covering cylinder in controllable range to achieve perfect sewing by the detection of sensor and design of rectifying device.

When the longitudinal edging is finished, the automatic cutting device is connected to the rear section, so that it can be used for sewing in the next process after the cutting is finished according to the required sewing size. When there is no edge belt in the process of use, it can automatically alarm and prompt for replacement. It is designed to collect waste. It can collect the waste after cutting the belt according to the working principle of blowing and inhaling so that workers can work in a clean workplace.

When the product is switched in size, the sewing size can be adjusted by a computer control program, without mechanical adjustment to solve the above situation.

Automatic carpet hemming machine solved the common problem of employment difficulty in home textiles industry, it’s no need of technical sewing workers. One worker can operate three machines, greatly liberating the labor force and improving production efficiency. Sewing each piece of 60cm*90cm only takes 12 seconds. Our hemming machine is applicable to various products ranging in size from 25*25 to 90*120mm and thickness between 2 and 8mm, and the efficiency is obviously improved. 

Have you ever thought about having a cute and comfortable carpet? When you get home from work, sit on your favorite carpet or even lie on it, or play with your dog on the soft carpet and just enjoy the happy moment. Yes, you need this kind of carpet.


If you have any questions about SureStar and SureStar products, please contact us.If you have any questions about SureStar and SureStar products, please contact us.