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Air Blast Softening machine for velvet fabric

Our air blast softening machine was sent to Egyptian customer in December. We apply the newest aerodynamic principle in our machine to improve the machine working efficiency. Air blast softening machine processes velvet fabric to make a soft and fluffy touch feeling in the surface, it has a great advantage in processing fabric with a high working speed and high production, such as Sherpa, polar fleece, flannel, coral fleece, cashmere fabric etc., a day can with 10 to 20 tons fabric production. The velvet company who installed raschel machines will always equip our Air blast softening machine, because it is the professional finishing machine for velvet fabric. If you want your pile fabric be popular in the market, you will need our air blast softening machine. That is no doubt because nowadays the most popular pile fabric in the world market always have a fluffy and softening touch feeling, and looks sunshine in the surface, and the piles are tipping in a good appearance, so how can you do that, you just need to use our air blast softening machine.

Air blast softening machine is not only professional for velvet fabric to make a softening and fluffy touch feeling, but also suitable for fabric preshrinking. This machine is heated by gas or oil, and hot steam is also available in this machine, to make the fabric clearly style, it has wide adaptability and installation feasibility for any textile factory. Using this machine can help you save a lot of investment in energy consumption and labor cost, the machine is equipped with a thermal circulation system, which can save the amount of hot oil, so hot oil as a heat source is a relatively economical machine. Our customers in India, Turkey, Egypt have applied our machine, with a good feedback, we are sure that this machine will popular around the world.

This year our company is still good in running condition, we are stronger than any ever time especially under the pandemic, we support our customers with our machines, spare parts and technology all around the world successfully and continuously, we will continue to work hard to make COTEX better.


If you have any questions about SureStar and SureStar products, please contact us.If you have any questions about SureStar and SureStar products, please contact us.